Book Fairs

Blue Baboon Books loves book fairs, and you’ll love Blue Baboon Books’ book fairs!

Planning an event with Blue Baboon Book Fairs is super low-maintenance. No volunteer coordination. No setup. No minimum sales. We do it all: setup, sales, and bookkeeping. You don't need to do a thing!

In addition to all those great perks, Blue Baboon Books also offers titles from DOZENS of publishers -- not just one publisher, like other book fair companies. This gives you and your students a diversity in subjects, titles, and authors. 

Both fairs are low-maintenance for you. Let Blue Baboon Books take care of everything else, and your organization will reap the rewards. Schools can choose either cash or free books based on their book fair sales. 

Total Amount of Sales Book Allowance Cash
$1500 or less 20% 10%
$1501 to $2500 25% 12%
$2501-$3500 30% 15%
$3501-$4999 35% 17%
$5000 or higher 40% 20%

To promote your book fair, you will be given posters to hang in hallways and on doors. You will also be given a custom flyer to send home with your students to let their families know that Blue Baboon Books will be at the school.

If you’re interested in scheduling a book fair, event, or fundraiser with Blue Baboon Books, contact our outreach coordinator, Patricia Blessant, at