Book Fairs

Blue Baboon Books loves book fairs, and you’ll love Blue Baboon Books’ book fairs!

Planning an event with Blue Baboon Book Fairs is super low-maintenance. No volunteer coordination. No setup. No minimum sales.

Both fairs are low-maintenance for you. Let Blue Baboon Books take care of everything else, and your organization will reap the rewards:

Total Amount of Sales Blue Baboon Bucks* Cash
$1500 or less 20% 10%
$1501 to $2500 25% 12%
$2501-$3500 30% 15%
$3501-$4999 35% 17%
$5000 or higher 40% 20%

To promote your book fair, you will be given posters to hang in hallways and on doors. You will also be given a custom flyer to send home with your students to let their families know that Blue Baboon Books will be at the school.

If you’re interested in scheduling a book fair, event, or fundraiser with Blue Baboon Books, contact Sara Ornelas at (316) 260-9008 or

*Blue Baboon Bucks can be spent on brand-new books from the Blue Baboon Books mobile store or the Blue Baboon Books website. One Blue Baboon Buck=$1.