School Author Visit Expectations & Guidelines

One of the most important missions of Blue Baboon Books is to connect kids with books. And one of our favorite ways to do this is to send authors and illustrators to schools. Through dynamic presentations and compelling discussions, authors and illustrators can spark kids’ love for learning and reading.

When publishers send authors to Blue Baboon Books, we try our very best to send them to schools in the area. Below are some of the guidelines, FAQs, and expectations of Blue Baboon Books, and schools for author visits.

How do you choose which schools will have Blue Baboon Books-sponsored author or illustrator events? We weigh several variables when choosing our author-visit schools:

  • Has your school ever partnered with Blue Baboon Books on an author visit, book fair, pop-up shop, or another event? If not, would you be willing to commit to a partnership in the near future?
  • What is your school’s availability for the particular dates and times an author will be visiting the area?
  • Can you meet the minimum purchase requirements for books at the visit? We typically require at least 40 books be pre-purchased for each visit. This can be a combination of individual and school sales. If book purchases are a burden for individual students, we ask that you consider using Title I funds, PTA or PTO support, area business supporters, community partners, or other available funding options. If you think the sales minimum will still be unattainable for your school, we would still encourage you to apply. We will do our best to work together to meet our shared goals.


What does Blue Baboon Books do to help me promote author sales? We want a successful visit for all parties – the author, your students, teachers, and ourselves. We provide support in the following ways:

  • We will provide posters for you to display in your schools.
  • We will provide you with pre-order forms for your students to take home. Families will be able to fill out the order form and return it with cash or check payment. Alternatively, we will set up a webpage so that families can order online, if they wish to pay with a credit or debit card.
  • We would be more than thrilled to come to your school to hype your kids up about an author who’s coming to your school.
  • Whenever possible, publishers send swag in the form of bookmarks or other promotional materials. We will do our best to coordinate with you and publishers to get that sway into your students’ hands.


What are the expectations of each school for the author visit? We ask that each school works diligently to hype kids up about an upcoming author or illustrator visit.

  • Talk about the author visit to your kids several times leading up to the event.
  • Use your school’s social media to publicize the event to families.
  • Required: Schools must create at least one prominent bulletin board highlighting the author’s visit. We ask that school use photos, student art, or other eye-catching assets to garner students’ interest AND to show to the author upon his or her arrival at your school.
  • Provide author-required audio-visual items. These typically include a projector, easel, and/or a microphone.
  • Send out a parent-link email and phone call to families the week of the event to let them know that students will be able to purchase the books at the event, including the exact amount students will need.
  • Allow Blue Baboon Books to sell the author’s books on the day of the event.
  • Send out post-order forms for families to use after the event.


It is very important that everyone is happy at the end of each author visit, and Blue Baboon Books works closely with its schools, authors, and publishers to ensure that each event is a success. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (316) 260-9008 or