Secondhand-Book Trades

Blue Baboon Books offers a select line of secondhand books. They sit side-by-side on our shelves with our new books, and they have unique labels to be easily identified.  

If you wish to trade books from your own library into Blue Baboon Books, please understand that we are super picky. We want to be sure that we maintain the spirit of the store with quality products that our customers expect. We are not a donation center. We have limited space on our shelves and in our store. If you have several boxes of books that we're unlikely to take, we ask that you take them to a library or a school for donation. 

Please read the following policies and guidelines on trade-ins:

  • There is no guarantee that we will accept your books as a trade. Each book will be carefully evaluated for condition, resale value, our customers' demands and interests, whether it's an appropriate fit for our store, and our own inventory and history with a particular title.   
  • Books will be traded in for in-store credit only. We do not give cash for books. 
  • We accept only children's and young adult books. 
  • If we accept your books, we will credit you up to 25% of the original retail value of each book. 
  • After we have come to an agreement on which books we'll accept and their value, you will be issued a trade-credit slip with the amount of your credit. You must have your credit slip in order to use it in our store. We will not keep copies of them. 
  • No more than 50% off your purchase can be covered by a trade credit. 
  • In-store credit can be used on any merchandise within the store (books, toys, journals, PlayFoam, pens, and various and assorted doo-dads), but it cannot be used for event fees (Art Smart workshops, parties, day camps, or the like). 
  • We don't accept books with smoky, musty, or other strong odors. 
  • Trade credit cannot be used to purchase gift certificates. 
  • Trade credit expires one month after date of trade.