Storytime Expectations (for Adults)

We love your kids! We really do. Kids are the whole reason we opened Blue Baboon Books! We want to ensure that our storytime is the best part of each kid's day – for EVERYONE who attends. With that in mind, we ask that adults follow certain rules and expectations.

  • If you are here with a free-spirited and independent child who won’t be distressed if you leave, you are welcome to step outside during storytime or to get coffee at our friends next door, Kookaburra Coffee.
    • Please return after 30 minutes.
    • Tell us where you’re going.
    • If there is any problem with your child, we will come to get you.
  • Be present with your child. Feel free to join in on the storytime fun! Sing, dance, and listen! Storytime isn’t just for kiddos. And when you pay attention, you’re showing your child that this is a valuable and fun experience for you to share.
  • Keep adult chatter to a minimum. It’s distracting to the children and to the storyteller.
  • We do not demand that children sit still and be quiet. We know that would be an unrealistic and impossible expectation – and not much fun! Many children wiggle, giggle, and move around. It’s fine, and it’s perfectly normal and acceptable. However, we do ask that if your child gets up and wanders about the bookstore that you stay with him or her to ensure that s/he is not damaging merchandise.
  • Be mindful of your child. If s/he is hurting someone (whether intentional or accidental), playing in a distracting manner, or getting in another child’s or the storyteller’s personal space, please let him or her know that storytime works best when everyone is respectful of each other.
  • Do not physically discipline your child at Blue Baboon Books. We are a no-hitting establishment, and that policy applies to both adults and children.
  • Please do not read stories to your children during storytime. Again, it’s distracting to the other children and our storyteller.
  • Don’t be afraid to leave if you or your child is having a bad day. We will not be offended, and you are always welcome to come back. For all of us, sometimes we just have bad days. We get it, and we definitely don’t judge it.